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ARTISTS: QUESTIONS - old questions I had        
1 3T          
2 Ace of Base 1 October 2007: Does anyone know if Max Martin was actually on the cover of Time Europe magazine back in 2001?  
3 Adam Lambert  
4 Agnes Carlsson There was an article called Top of The Pops about Max on March 19, 2001 and he was aparently on the front cover too. Years ago I found the article and printed it, but now it's not on Time's website nor is the photo of the cover. So, I just wanted to know if this was the cover or if it was something someone put together on the web.  
5 A-ha  
6 Allison Iraheta  
7 Amy Diamond  
8 Ana Johnsson  
9 Apocalyptica        
10 Army of Lovers Here is the link to Time Europe website with the covers but there is no cover with Max and Britney!?  
11 Artister of Amnesty  
12 Ashley Parker Angel Link:  
13 Avril Lavigne    
14 Backstreet Boys    
15 BC Jean Here is my scanned in version of the article  
16 Bo Bice The article is written by Jeff Chu. March 19, 2001  
17 Bon Jovi Link: Time - Top of the Pops  
18 Britney Spears        
19 Bryan Adams Anyway, if you know, please email me at:  
20 Bullet For My Valentine  
21 Carly Rae Jepsen 2 October 2007: I got my answer: Martin from Sweden emailed and said yes that was the cover of Time and that perhaps they have different covers for different parts of Europe. Thanks!  
22 Carolina Liar  
23 Carrie Underwood          
24 Celine Dion 8 June 2007: Does anyone know anything about the song 'If'??? On ASCAP it says 'If' is written by Jacqueline Leah Cooney, Martin Sandberg and Rami Yacoub. Does anyone know anything?  
25 Cervello  
26 Cher Lloyd          
27 Christina Aguilera

3 February 2007: I have been wondering: does anyone remember the following website?

1. There used to be a site called devoted to the songwriters of Cheiron and other Swedish songwriters, it was run by a Swedish girl called Linda (if I remember correctly), anyway, it was a great site and it had some good interviews etc and it was an inspiration to me for starting this site, however, about 1 1/2 years ago it closed down or changed it's name. Anyway, I would love to hear from Linda or anyone who knows if her site still exists. Just curious.

15 June 2007: I heard from Linda! thanks for emailing me Linda!

28 Cyndi Lauper  
29 Darin  
30 Daughtry  
31 Dede  
32 Def Leppard  
33 Drain  
34 Draxx  
35 E-Type _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
36 Emblem3 Something old I had the front page  
37 Enrique Iglesias COMING SOON - someday! maybe? I really hope so !  
38 Fireal 1. Joanna Pacitti  
39 Five There is a song on ASCAP called "Hips n Lips" written by Arnthor Birgisson, Savan Kotecha, Max Martin and Rami Yacoub. Who knows if this will be released?  
40 Gary Barlow  
41 George 2. Paula DeAnda  
42 Glee As noted on our forum, on ASCAP there is a song called "Close to Close" written by Arnthor Birgisson, Savan Kotecha and Martin Sandberg. Paula will be releasing her second album sometime in 2008. Let's hope that song is on it!  
43 Herbie  
44 Human Nature  
45 Its Alive _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
46 James Blunt


47 Jessica 17 November 2007: Martin from Sweden tells me that Swedish singer Amy Diamond's next single is written by Max Martin! it's not on her myspace page yet though! Thanks Martin  
48 Jessie J  
49 Justin Bieber Amy's next single is "Stay My Baby" and according to Wikipedia is written by Max Martin and Tommy Tysper  
50 Kahsay Link: Amy Diamond's myspace:  
51 Katy Perry _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
52 Kelis 13 November 2007: If you like, take a listen to Australian band The Vines singing The Veronicas 4Ever. It was recorded for the covers album No Man's Woman and is playing on Myspace:  
53 Kelly Clarkson  
54 Kesha Link:  
55 Lambretta _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
56 Leila K 10 November 2007: Martin from Sweden told me that Max Martin has worked on the third Simple Plan album to be released 29 January 2008! Thanks Martin, that is very exciting.  
57 Lesley Roy  
58 Leona Lewis Link:  
59 Linda Sundblad _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
60 Living Things OCTOBER 2007  
61 Marie Serneholt 30 October 2007: Martin from Sweden emailed to let me know about an article about Emilia de Poret, the singer who made her first album with Jörgen Elofsson. She´s recording her second album at Maratone, but it doesn´t say if Max is there. The single "I Can" will be out soon. The paper compares her to Paris Hilton, because her father is a billionaire, and that makes it easier for her to find people to work with. Thanks Martin!  
62 Marion Raven  
63 Maroon 5  
64 Megan McCauley  
65 Michael Bolton Link:  
66 Michele Martin added that Emilia will be working with Arnthor!  
67 Miranda Cosgrove Here's her myspace:  
68 Nick Carter _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
69 Nicki Minaj SEPTEMBER 2007  
70 NSync 27 September 2007: I was just alerted that the Lesley Roy song Psycho Bitch (written by Savan Kotecha/Max Martn/Lesley Roy) is playing on Lesley Roy's myspace: ! yay finally.  
71 Pain  
72 Papa Dee _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
73 Pink

27 September 2007: Julian emailed to let me know about a song "I Don't Care" by APOCALYPTICA feat. Adam Gontier
(Album: "Worlds Collide", 21 Sep 2007)
Written by Eicca Toppinen / Adam Gontier / Max Martin
Produced by Jacob Hellner

Thanks Jules!

74 Pitbull  
75 Play  
76 Prime Sth  
77 Rednex  
78 Robyn  
79 Safe _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
80 Shayne Ward 4 September 2007: Alex from Spain emailed and told me that Spanish singer Princessa recorded a cover version of Solid Harmonie's I Want You To Want Me. There are samples of her songs on and I Want You To Want Me plays after about 2.39minutes on Princessa Prelisten. A fantastic dance version! Thanks Alex!  
81 Simple Plan  
82 Skye Sweetnam  
83 Solid Harmonie  
84 Stanfour _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
85 Sugababes

1 September 2007: Martin from Sweden emailed and noted that according to Wikipedia, Max Martin has co-produced the song "Nobody´s Perfect" from "Hannah Montana 2". Great news!


86 Taio Cruz  
87 Taylor Swift  
88 Tobias Regner  
89 Twill _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
90 The Veronicas AUGUST 2007  
91 Those Dancing Days 26 August 2007: From 7 August 2007 Tap That has been available on on itunes and various online locations and playing on her Myspace! Awesome! Link:  
92 Usher  
93 Vanessa Hudgens _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
94 Westlife

26 August 2007: As noted by our forum members, Leona Lewis was the winner of the 3rd series of X-Factor in England and her debut album is said to have songs written by Max Martin! to be released 5 November 2007 Link:

    6 August 2007: I read that for her new album Australian R n B singer Jade MacRae 'has co-written some songs with hit-making Swedish pop production house Maratone Studio'. Looking forward to these songs! Link: MacRae So Hot Right Now  

4 August 2007: Linda from Sweden let me know that Jerry Reid, a singer from Detroit USA, has worked with Max Martin and Anders Bagge. Thanks Linda! Let's hope Jerry releases these songs!

Check out Jerry's myspace, he sings Let It Go which is a cover of Lambretta's Bimbo - fantastic! Link:

    JULY 2007  
    22 July 2007: ooh, I heard some good news: Megan McCauley is set to release Tap That!! Rumour has it that it will be released in August. Tap That is playing on her website:  

19 July 2007: Martin from Sweden emailed me some exciting news: Max Martin called James Blunt and suggested making a song together. The result is the ballad "Carry You Home", a possible second single from his second album.

James says "We had different opinions about everything, but the result was great."

"Max is an expert on melodies and hooks. He knows how to get attention from radio listeners. That´s getting more difficult these days."

He also says "There´s no way I´ll ever have a 12 million-selling album again."     
    19 July 2007: This news is a bit old and I'm sure you know but Shayne Ward's first single is "If That's Ok With You", written by Max Martin, Arnthor Birgisson and Savan Kotecha. Released 19 August 2007.  
    19 July 2007: I noticed some news songs on ASCAP:  
    "Do It All" written by Per Aldeheim and Max Martin, Performed by Stan Four  
    "Hips n Lips" written by Arnthor Birgisson, Savan Kotecha, Max Martin and Rami, Performed by Joanna  
    I have no idea of any more details, but can't wait to hear them, I'll do some more digging around.  
    JUNE 2007  
    11 June 2007. A fan Andrew emailed to let me know that there are some videos on You Tube of Avril Lavigne and Dr Luke in the studio, here's the first one: It's from the bonus DVD on her new album which is pretty difficult to find in the shops. Thanks Andrew!  
    MAY 2007  
    31 May 2007: More good news: Johan from Sweden emailed that he 'read in a Swedish newspaper yesterday that Enrique said that Max has produced 3 songs on the new album and further he says that Swedish producers is at least as good as the Americans to produce "hitsongs". Thanks Johan!  

27 May 2007: Good news!: Johan from Sweden emailed to tell me that on 16 May 2007 E-Type released the Max Martin produced single True Believer in Sweden, one of the best songs this summer and Max himself was so excited that he smashed a cd-player when e-type played the song for him.

When Max again said "play ìt", E-Type said - you have smashed the cd player man! Max said: this is  the best the old bastard has done in ten years!!

E-type said that Max is producer for the whole album. The album gets to the store in August. Thanks Johan!!

    1 May 2007: Even more bad news: The Veronicas have told Perez Hilton that they have no intention of working with Max Martin again. Link:  
    Because not wanting to work with a songwriter that gave you 2 hit songs makes sense.  
    APRIL 2007  
    24 April 2007: Ok, I heard some more bad news: There will not be any Max & Luke songs on Kelly Clarkson's new cd. Link sent to me by Martin from Sweden. Billboard Chartbeat:  
    Rolling Stone magazine:  
    14 April 2007: Sadly Megan McCauley has decided to go in a different direction with her album and will not be releasing Tap That. Link to her myspace blog: http://blog.myspace - Megan McCauley  
    MARCH 2007  
    7 March 2007: The latest news (from the In Rock interview with Brian) is that the new Backstreet Boys album will not contain any Max Martin or Rami songs. Yeah, I know exactly what you're thinking: Why oh why??? I'm hoping this is going to be a lie, nevertheless I'm still looking forward to the new BSB album. Does anyone know why? Here it is, I scanned it in: Brian Littrell In Rock Magazine Interview  
    FEBRUARY 2007  
    26 February 2007: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Max Martin! Have a fantastic day!  

25 February 2007: Just searching around the net and saw an article that Peaches Geldof (Sir Bob's daughter) is going to be working with Max Martin. Bizarre, but interesting.

Link: Mirror Jan 14 2007.

    24 February 2007. I was emailed the interview with Dr Luke from, here it is: Link: Interview with Dr Luke from  

24 February 2007: A fan emailed with some very exciting news: Max and Luke are producing tracks for Lesley Roy who is a new artist from Ireland and signed to Jive Records.

Lesley's myspace: Thanks!

    13 February 2007: Lucky USA fans: Pink's U & Ur Hand is finally to be released in USA! better late than never!  
    JANUARY 2007  
    16 January 2007: Niklas emailed with the info that Skye Sweetnam new track "Girl Like Me" is produced by Dr. Luke/Max Martin . A blogger mentions this, so scroll down to the heading Choice Blog Post. Link: Thanks Niklas. I think release date is April 2007.  

12 January 2007: We have a FORUM! A music fan from Germany , Turnaround, has kindly set up a Forum for us to discuss all things Max Martin, Cheiron, Swedish songwriters, other songwriters/producers - well, whatever you like! Here is the link: It's a free forum, so please excuse the ad that pops up! Thanks. Please make yourself welcome. There is some discussion happening!

Please note this forum web address has changed to


6 January 2007: Niklas emailed with a funny story he read in a Swedish newspaper: Britney and a famous swedish actor did a movie for Max Martin's birthday in 2000...

Max Martin's friends wanted to joke with him so they contacted a big humour actor from Sweden. He went into Maratone Studios and the actor screamed and swore at Britney like, you suck, you are so bad  "you suck big time" he said many really bad things.. Britney was a good actor he said, and the video became great...

The actor took part because his kids got to meet Britney was a fun thing he said.... Here is the Link in Swedish:

Thanks Niklas haha, very funny!

    5 January 2007: So, I heard a rumour that Max Martin is working with Savan Kotecha for the new Britney album!. Savan Kotecha, I'm sure you already know, is one of the fine songwriters at The Location. I guess we won't know anything for sure until Britney's album is actually recorded.  
    4 January 2007: Niklas emailed and said he read in a Swedish magazine that Rami has been working with X Factor winner Shayne Ward from England and has written 4 songs which are coming out in 2007. Awesome! Here's Shayne's Myspace: Thanks Niklas.  
    1 January 2007: Andrea emailed with a link to an amazing website where you can view old websites, so here is the link and you can check out the Cheiron Studios site (just have a look through the various dates). Link:*/ Thanks Andrea.  
    DECEMBER 2006        
    28 December 2006: Is anyone around Los Angeles in April 19-21, 2007? I notice that at the ASCAP Expo Lukasz Gottwald is a panelist (not sure exactly what he will be doing), if you do go please let me know how it was, i'm sure it will be very interesting. Link: - ASCAP Expo
    20 December 2006: A big thank you to everyone who has emailed me this year. It's so fantastic to hear from people who also love the songs written and co-written by Max Martin. Thanks also to everyone who has contributed information - I have learnt so much! So far I have heard from people from the following countries: America, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Philippines and Sweden - so almost worldwide! I hope everyone has a fantastic 2007 with more great music! Rebecca
    16 December 2006: Simon from Italy emailed and gave me a link of Max Martin and Rami in the studio with Nick Carter when recording the song I Got You. This is also on Nick's bonus DVD from Now or Never cd. But if you don't have that, here's the link: - Nick Carter I Got You. I love this! Thanks Simon!
    6 December 2006: Sho from Japan emailed with some very important information: Max Martin and Dr Luke have written a song for Daughtry, which is American Idol's Chris Daughtry's band. The song is called Feels Like Tonight (written by Max, Luke and Shep Soloman). Thanks Sho! Here's a link: and at you can listen to a second of it: - Daughtry
    4 December 2006: Andreas emailed with information on the Drums that Max uses : Link:
    2 December 2006: Christian from Germany (another Max Martin fan!) emailed me and forwarded me a link of a photo of Max Martin, Lukasz Gottwald and Wolf during The Veronicas recording sessions in Decibel Studios in Stockholm: Link: Thanks, a great photo!
    2 December 2006: Johan from Sweden emailed me back in October (sorry I forgot to add this until now) and sent me a link to the studio speakers that Max Martin uses. According to Johan: The speakers are a big success in how it finally sounds in the end. A new pair was installed in the Maratone studio and have different amplifiers and crossovers. More about this see Max Martin Link: Thanks!
    NOVEMBER 2006
    27 November 2006: Chris from Germany emailed and thinks that Max Martin may have written the song Melt by Gone Till November, who are a band from Boston, USA. Here is a link to their Myspace: The song sounds like The Veronicas. Does anyone know if Max wrote it ??? or maybe they are copying the sound of Max? my email:
    26 November 2006: Nico from France emailed me: Max Martin is working with Britney! Thanks Nico! Link: So much to look forward to!
    25 November 2006: Oh my goodness! Andrea just emailed me: Britney Spears is working with Dr Luke for her next cd: Link: - Oops…She’s Going to Do It Again: Britney Threatens Musical Comeback. This has to mean Britney's also working with Max Martin?!? Thanks Andrea for the news!
    23 November 2006: Niklas and Andrea both advised me that there is one song on Darin's new album Break the News, it's called Extra Ordinary Love. Link: - Extra Ordinary Love
    21 November 2006. OOH, Niklas from Gotheburg in Sweden emailed and told me that Darin has worked with Max Martin, Robyn and Jörgen Elofsson. Album out 22 November. More info to come... (Thanks Niklas!)
    4 November 2006: Julian just let me know of this really cool website coming soon in 2007: Hopefully they'll have all the good info the Cheiron site used to have plus more!
    1 November 2006: Thank you to Niklas who has just informed me that Avril Lavigne has been working with Max Martin and Dr Luke for her new album. Link: High-Fashion Avril Lavigne Promises 'Upbeat' New LP, Says Married Life 'Rocks!'
    OCTOBER 2006
    29 October 2006: I just found out that a lot of the songwriters have a Myspace! See Rami, Arnthor and Songwriters, I have added the links. I can't see that Max has one though.
    19 October 2006: Niklas has emailed and cleared up the mystery about Agnes recording with Max Martin: sadly there are no Max Martin songs on her second album either! though some Arnthor and Jorgen Elofsson songs. See Agnes
    6 October 2006: Niklas emailed re some information about Enrique! Enrique has recorded a song called Alive with Max Martin, Rami and Arnthor Birgisson published by Murlyn Music. Thanks! I was beginning to wonder what was going on with Enrique!
    6 October 2006: Niklas from Sweden (another one!- thanks) has just emailed me to let us all know that Max Martin and Dr Luke have worked with Canadian singer Skye Sweetnam. Some songs must be on her upcoming album due in 2007 I think. Here is Skye's myspace and she even talks a little about working with Max and Luke in Sweden on one her blogs: More info to come!!
    1 October 2006: Andrea has informed me that Max has also worked with Agnes Carlsson (Sweden Pop Idol 2005 winner) and Marie Serneholt (former A*teens member) (Thanks Andrea!). Link: I don't know what songs at the moment. I will try to find out!
    SEPTEMBER 2006        
    27 September 2006: Andrea emailed and told me that German band Hot Banditoz have covered I Want It That Way! Thanks!
    19 September 2006: Niklas from Sweden emailed and told me that Linda Sundblad from Lambretta will go solo and Max Martin and Alexander Kronlund will help her with the album. Her Album "Oh My God" is out 8 November! Awesome news! Thanks! Link: Musikjournalen Linda går solokvist . Looking forward to it!
    12 September 2006: Steve from USA, a Max Martin fan, highlighted to me that girl group Play also recorded the song Is It Love, which is the same song sung by Twill (thanks!).
    AUGUST 2006
    26 August 2006: I finally have info on Artister for Amnesty. Michael from Germany helped me! thanks.
    10 August 2006: LATE AND BREAKING NEWS: Today I was alerted by Julian that a Max Martin song has gone under the radar. Yes indeed. The song is Hologram on German Idol's Tobias Regner's debut album Straight.

JULY 2006


27 July 2006: BREAKING NEWS: Pink will release U and Ur Hand as her 3rd single. To be released on August 28! I am soo happy!!! Thanks Julian for letting me know this very important piece of information.

Sadly this single will not be released in USA according to Billboard .

    JUNE 2006
    19 June 2006: Kelis's album release has been delayed until 31 July (UK) and Aug 22, 2006 (USA).
    1 June 2006: Max Martin & Lukasz Gottwald have won a couple of awards from ASCAP. See Awards !
    FEBRUARY 2006
    26 Feb 2006: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX MARTIN! Have a great day.

26 Feb 2006: If you want, tell me what your Top 5 Favourite Max Martin related songs are!

Go to: Your Top 5

    2006 - Lots more songs this year from Max Martin
    1. I notice on ASCAP there is a song called All That Matters written by Arnthor Birgisson, Max Martin, Tom Nichols and Rami Yacoub. I thought that it might be on Stephanie McIntosh's new album but I was wrong when I check the track list. Oh well hopefully that song will turn up somewhere.
    2. I asked the question recently re the song on ASCAP called Opel Corsa written by Max, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. I have just been informed that it is It's My Life for the German car commerical Opel Corsa. Thanks again Julian!
    3. Enrique Iglesias has been working with Max Martin, Rami, Arnthor Birgisson and Kristian Lundin. Check out the Bio section at
    Other: 2004 (Just other stuff I saved)      
    Other: 2005        
    Other: 2006        
    February 2008 November 2007    
    Simple Plan - Simple Plan Amy Diamond - Music in Motion      
    February 2008 28 November 2007      
    Also first noted by Martin from Sweden, Max Martin has worked on the third Simple Plan album! As first noted by Martin from Sweden, Amy Diamond's single "Stay My Baby" is written by Max Martin and Tommy Tysper. "Stay My Baby" is the second single from Amy's third album "Music in Motion". Bubblegum pop!    
    Max worked on the song "Generation".    
    Very exciting!    
    November 2007 November 2007    
    Leona Lewis - Spirit Westlife - Back Home      
    12 November 2007 10 November 2007      
    Leona Lewis is the 2006 winner of X-Factor. Westlife released a new album with (OMG) some original songs! but don't freak out they also sing some covers. Yes indeed, there are 4 songs by Rami/Arnthor Birgisson/Savan Kotecha - "Us Against The World", "Something Right", "Pictures in My Head" and "The Easy Way" and a song by Jorgen Elofsson - "You Must Have Had A Broken Heart"! Nice one.    
    As reported on our forum ages ago, Leona's debut album includes the song "I Will Be" written by Avril Lavigne/Max Martin/Lukasz Gottwald and produced by Dr. Luke. Yes, this is the bonus track on Avril's album that was on her itunes version.    
    April 2007 September 2007      
    No Angels - Destiny

Apocalyptica "Worlds Colllide"

    Feelgoodlies on the forum highlighted this to me: German girl group No Angels, who had their start in Popstars, released their 4th album Destiny which contains the song "I Had A Feeling" written by Arnthor Birgisson and Jörgen Elofsson and produced by Arnthor Birgisson. Thanks! Additional production on this song was by Max Martin!

27 September 2007: Julian emailed to let me know about a song "I Don't Care" by APOCALYPTICA feat. Adam Gontier
(Album: "Worlds Collide", 21 Sep 2007)
Written by Eicca Toppinen / Adam Gontier / Max Martin
Produced by Jacob Hellner

Thanks Jules!

    Jade MacRae - In The Basement Megan McCauley - Better Than Blood      
    Australian R n B singer went to Maratone Studios in Sweden to record songs for her 2nd album. I'm not sure how many songs she recorded at Maratone. First single In The Basement is written by Jade MacRae and Arnthor Birgission, produced by Arnthor Birgisson for Maratone Studios!!!! The long awaited release of Megan's album features the song Tap That written by Max Martin, Lukasz Gottwald and Megan McCauley. It's available for download now and the cd will be released on 23 October. Finally!      
    Listen at Listen at      
    September 2007 August 2007      
    James Blunt - All The Lost Souls Shayne Ward - If That's Ok With You      
    17 September 2007 20 August 2007      
    Features beautiful ballad Carry You Home written by James Blunt and Max Martin. Make sure you buy the edition with the DVD as James talks about working with Max Martin! Shayne Ward is an X Factor winner from England. First single from new album is written by Arnthor Birgisson, Savan Kotecha and Max Martin. I had a look on ASCAP and there are other songs recorded by Shayne written by Arnthor Birgisson, Savan Kotecha and Rami!      
    August 2007 May 2007      
    Stanfour - Do It All E-Type - True Believer      
    10 August 2007 16 May 2007      
      As highlighted by Johan from Sweden, E-Type released his first single from his new album. It went straight to the top of the Swedish Charts!      
    "Do It All" is written by Per Aldeheim and Max Martin!      
      True Believer is written by E-Type and Savan Kotecha.      
      Produced by Max Martin, John Amatiello and E-Type      
    March/April 2007 November 2006      
    Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend Daughtry - Daughtry      
    31 March 2007 22 November 2006      
    Catchy single Girlfriend is written by Avril & Dr Luke Song: Feels Like Tonight      
Thanks Sho for info on this one!
    B Side: Alone        
    Written by Avril Lavigne/Max Martin/ Lukasz Gottwald        
    A Max Martin co-written track snuck onto the B-side. It's a rocky/pop song similar style to The Veronicas/Pink. Awesome.