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  Home Hello, the News on the front page was getting too long - so much happening, so here is some of the old news so it doesn't get lost:
  Max Martin
  Rami Yacoub The winner is.... "If U Seek Amy" by Britney Spears  
  Arnthor Birgisson Written by Max Martin, Shellback, Savan Kotecha & Alexander Kronlund. Produced by Max Martin  
  Lukasz Gottwald Congratulations!  
  Articles 14 December 2008: We are voting for our Favourite Cheiron Song of the Year for 2008 on the forum for songs written or produced by ex-Cheiron songwriters!  
  Cover Songs The competition is really tough this year, songs by Carolina Liar, Pink, Lesley Roy, Katy Perry, Sugababes, Same Difference, Ace Young, Cyndi Lauper, Vanessa Hudgens, Celine Dion, Kevin Borg, Simple Plan and many more including the highly anticipated Britney Spears recording!  
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  Your Top 5 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
    DECEMBER 2008        
ARTISTS: 29 December 2008: Check out Rami has left a Christmas message! very exciting.  
1 3T ________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
2 Ace of Base 28 December 2008: has listed "Sweden's hottest entertainment personalities 2008" and Max Martin is at No.83. Robyn is at No.1 and she has "hovered between U.S., Australia and Europe" in 2008. I love Google Translate.    
3 Adam Lambert    
4 Agnes Carlsson    
5 A-ha Link:  
6 Allison Iraheta _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
7 Amy Diamond 13 December 2008: Great news! Robert from Germany emailed to tell me that it has been confirmed that Kelly Clarkson's first single from her new album is called "My Life Would Suck (Without You)" is written by (yes yes yes) Max Martin, Lukaz Gottwald and Claude Kelly! Thanks Robert! also thanks to the forum members who have mentioned this!    
8 Ana Johnsson  
9 Apocalyptica  
10 Army of Lovers  
11 Artister of Amnesty _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
12 Ashley Parker Angel According to, Kelly's 4th album will be released on 17 March 2009  
13 Avril Lavigne Link:  
14 Backstreet Boys The article says that Dr Luke is a Swedish born writer.....  
15 BC Jean Link:  
16 Bo Bice _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  
17 Bon Jovi NOVEMBER 2008  
18 Britney Spears 4 November 2008: Martin from Sweden emailed me and told me that he was listening to Linda Sundblad´s radio show and learned that Lisa Miskovsky's "Still Alive" is a forthcoming single written with Rami and Arnthor.    
19 Bryan Adams  
20 Bullet For My Valentine  
21 Carly Rae Jepsen It´s the theme from a video game and the single will include remixes by several big names.  
22 Carolina Liar The game is "Mirror´s Edge".  
23 Carrie Underwood The radio mix was made by Chris Lord-Alge. The remixes by:
Armand Van Helden
Paul Van Dyk
Junkie XL
Benny Benassi
24 Celine Dion  
25 Cervello  
26 Cher Lloyd  
27 Christina Aguilera  
28 Cyndi Lauper The record label is Nettwerk.  
29 Darin Lisa's myspace:  
30 Daughtry wow, that is exciting. Thanks Martin!  
31 Dede I must admit that Daniel from Sweden told me ages ago that Rami would have a song as part of a video game and I forgot to write it here! Thanks also Daniel!  
32 Def Leppard  
33 Drain ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
34 Draxx OCTOBER 2008  
35 E-Type 6 October 2008:  
36 Emblem3 Ooh, here's an article about Lesley Roy!!! "Meet Max Martin's Newest Muse"  
37 Enrique Iglesias Link:  
38 Fireal ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
39 Five

6 October 2008: Ages ago on the forum, I heard that Max Martin has a song on Britney's "Circus"!!

40 Gary Barlow Could this be true??? That the song is the best Max has ever done?? !!  
41 George Link:  
42 Glee  
43 Herbie ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
44 Human Nature 18 September 2008: Pink's "So What" has hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart! Congratulations to Max Martin, Shellback and Pink!! This is Max's 4th No.1 on Billboard's Hot 100. The other three No.1's were Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl", Britney's "Baby One More Time" and NSync's "It's Gonna Be Me". Congratulations!  
45 Its Alive  
46 James Blunt  
47 Jessica Link: Pink Notches First Solo Hot 100 No.1  
48 Jessie J ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
49 Justin Bieber SEPTEMBER 2008  
50 Kahsay 4 September 2008:  
51 Katy Perry Very Exciting News!: Radio program about Cheiron! This has been mentioned on our forum but Christoffer wrote to me the following: (Thanks Christoffer!)  
52 Kelis  
53 Kelly Clarkson Today on 09:30, Swedish time, on radio Channel P4 Radio Stockholm journalist Fredrik Eliasson started a series dedicated to the Swedish pop phenomenom Cheiron studios and the memory of Denniz Pop on every Thursday in 4 parts at 09:30. I think its 4 parts. It includes interviews with Max Martin who steps out of the shadows (respectfully) and other artists who worked with El Maestro.  
54 Kesha  
55 Lambretta  
56 Leila K  
57 Lesley Roy However it's in Swedish and not in English. But the entire Part 1 is uploaded so you can listen to it anyway, every day they upload it. It's an intro and how it all started.  
58 Leona Lewis  
59 Linda Sundblad Martin from Sweden also let me know that we can enjoy the musical bits even if we don´t understand (as it's in Swedish). There were some samples from Denniz's early DJ mixes on Swemix. Denniz himself could be heard talking, as well as his sister, for example. Thanks Martin, sounds great.  
60 Living Things  
61 Marie Serneholt  
62 Marion Raven Link to the program's site:  
63 Maroon 5 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
64 Megan McCauley AUGUST 2008  
65 Michael Bolton 31 August 2008: A fansite devoted to the Cheiron songwriters has finally been launched! It's by Julian from Germany who has kept me so up-to-date over the years. Thanks Julian for putting this site together, it's great to see the full discography of the Cheiron songwriters including post-Cheiron work in the one place! It makes me realise that I have many more cd's to buy!  
66 Michele  
67 Miranda Cosgrove  
68 Nick Carter  
69 Nicki Minaj Cheiron Fansite:  
70 NSync ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
71 Pain 30 August 2008: This day is the 10th anniversary of Denniz Pop's death.  
72 Papa Dee Denniz died at the young age of 35 and in that time he contributed so much to music with the songs he wrote and produced, the start-up of Cheiron Studios and his discovery and mentoring of many artirts and songwriters. So why not remember some of his songs, these are just a few of my favourites, most of which I play almost daily!: Dr Alban's "Sing Hallelujah", Backstreet Boys "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" and "Nobody But You", NSync's "I Want You Back", Five's "Slam Dunk Da Funk", Ace of Base "The Sign", Jessica Folcker's "Tell Me What You Like", Herbie's "Gangs to the Max" and E-Type's "Set The World on Fire".  
73 Pink  
74 Pitbull  
75 Play  
76 Prime Sth  
77 Rednex Here is a tribute page devoted to Denniz:  
78 Robyn Thanks Birchmead for the reminder of this day.  
79 Safe ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
80 Shayne Ward 23 August 2008: Martin from Sweden and I were discussing that the public generally don't know the names of songwriters/producers and what a shame this is. Then Martin told me this:  
81 Simple Plan  
82 Skye Sweetnam Björn Ulvaeus has actually spoken and written about how songwriters deserve more credit, although he´s gotten plenty of credit himself.  
83 Solid Harmonie  
84 Stanfour He means that new songwriters can´t develop if everyone´s downloading for free.    
85 Sugababes Björn thinks the songwriting credits should be mentioned more often on the radio. His example was: After playing "Oops!... I Did It Again" and talking about Britney, who mentions Max Martin and Rami?   
86 Taio Cruz  
87 Taylor Swift wow, that is so great that Björn mentioned Max and Rami!!! I agree with Björn!  
88 Tobias Regner ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
89 Twill JULY 2008  
90 The Veronicas 24 July 2008: As first noted by the forum members (they are always on the lookout), there is a chance Backstreet Boys might be working with Max Martin again! Billboard article: Backstreet Boys At Work On New Album. Very exciting!  
91 Those Dancing Days  
92 Usher  
93 Vanessa Hudgens ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
94 Westlife 1 July 2008: Here is an interview with Per Aldeheim from STIM Swedish Music Information Centre. By Sebastian Suarez-Golborne.  
Link: - Per Aldeheim - from hard rocking pop hits to ballad jazz  
  Contact ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
    JUNE 2008  
    26 June 2008: Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" has hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart! Congratulations to Katy, Dr Luke, Max Martin and Cathy Dennis!! I believe this is Max's 3rd No.1 on Billboard's Hot 100. The other two No.1's being Britney's "Baby One More Time" and NSync's "It's Gonna Be Me". Congratulations Max!  
    20 June 2008: Martin from Sweden sent me a link for a video of Lisa Miskovsky singing "Another Shape of My Heart". Awesome! Of course you know BSB's hit "Shape of My Heart" was co-written by Lisa and was going to be recorded by her.  
    1 June 2008: As posted on my Guestbook by Birchmead: "Into the Nightlife" is a new song by Cyndi Lauper. It's written by Peer Åström, Johan Bobäck, Cyndi Lauper & Max Martin and produced by the first three. It's from her new album called "Bring Ya to the Brink". Thank you Birchmead, that's great news!  
    MAY 2008  
    7 May 2008: I bought the Gavin DeGraw album today! well, for "In Love With a Girl" the credits say "Pre-production by Max Martin"! The album is produced by Howard Benson.  
    APRIL 2008  
    29 April 2008: More Gavin DeGraw news! Martin from Sweden sent me a link of an article and, while I'm not exactly fluent in Danish, I think it might be saying that Gavin worked with Max Martin on his new album! Released 6 May 2008.  
    27 April 2008: Kelis's "I Don't Think So" is being used in the promo ad for a new series of Big Brother in Australia, with the words "You think you might have a chance, I Don't Think So, You're telling me to be nice, I Don't Think So" - the ad is pretty cool actually!  
    "I Don't Think So" is in the Australian charts at No.29 this week (digital release only) no doubt prompted by the ads!  
    21 April 2008: Martin from Sweden let me know that at the recent Backstreet Boys concert in Sweden, Backstreet Boys dedicated "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely" to Denniz Pop. How nice!  
    "The journalist, Anders Nundstedt, wrote about the dedication: "That was nice. Denniz Pop wasn´t only a pop genius, but also a very loveable man.  
Martin also told me that: This journalist Anders who saw the BSB concert, later wrote on his blog about something surprising that happened the next day: when he went to pick up his kid from daycare, someone was standing by the door looking like he had partied too much the night before. It was Nick Carter.
I don´t know if they talked. I think this was close to where Cheiron used to be.
    I wonder if Nick was remembering old times at Cheiron?  
    1 April 2008: Here is an interview with Jörgen Elofsson on STIM Swedish Music Information Centre. By Mattias Franzén.  
    Link: - Jorgen Elofsson - successful songsmith  
    15 April 2008: Our Forum is back!!! (it was down for a couple of weeks). Thanks Turnaround and BennyJ for getting it back up!  
    Hope to see you there! Rebecca  
    MARCH 2008  
    8 March 2008: Max Martin said in a recent interview that he has new songs for Britney. Martin said, "I am working on a new project for Kelly Clarkson, I also sent a couple of songs to Britney, maybe she'll want to come back with a great rock song".

    4 March 2008: Martin from Sweden tells me that he was listening to the radio show "Tracks" and they played "Carry You Home" followed by Gavin´s new song, and then the radio announcers said that Gavin´s album will also include something by Max !  
    1 March 2008: A forum member told us (thank you) that there is a new Dr Luke/Max Martin track by singer Katy Perry called "Hot N' Cold". Songwriting credits are Katy Perry; Dr. Luke; Max Martin !!    
    Link to Katy's myspace:  
    1 March 2008: One of our forum members and Martin from Sweden informed me that Swedish Idol will have 3 new judges this year: Andreas Carlsson, Anders Bagge and his wife Laila Bagge. Laila started and managed the group Play, and she once released her own album on Motown. Congratulations to the new team. Very exciting news for those who can watch Swedish Idol!  
    FEBRUARY 2008  
    26 February 2008: Happy Birthday Max Martin! We hope you have a special day and a great songwriting year!  
    JANUARY 2008  
    1 January 2008: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thank you to everyone for your continued support, it means everything to me. A special thanks to Turnaround who started the Forum and the enthusiastic forum members!! I hope everyone has a wonderful 2008. Rebecca  
    May 2008   November 2008    
    Anders Johansson - Ready To Fly Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive  
    I have been advised by Danny from Netherlands and Martin from Sweden that "Ready To Fly" is co-produced by Rami! Thanks! Martin advised me of the credits: As already noted Rami co-wrote a song for Lisa Miskovsky which is the theme from the video game "Mirror's Edge"  
"Still Alive" is written by Rami/Arnthor Birgisson/Lisa Miskovsky
    Writers: Thomas Thörnholm, Michael Clauss, Dan Attlerud and Negin Djafari.  
    Produced by Rami and Tobias Lindell.    
    You can listen to it at Anders' Myspace:    
    December 2008   November/December 2008    
    Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire   Britney Spears - Circus  
    I found out on our forum (thank you) that Max Martin has co-written the song "Watching Us Die Tonight" on the Deluxe Edition of Bullet For My Valentine's "Scream Aim Fire". Very exciting!   Finally! Britney has recorded another Max Martin song! This is so exciting! The song "If U Seek Amy" is written by Max Martin, Shellback, Savan Kotecha & Alexander Kronlund and is brilliant! Congratulations to all songwriters and to Britney!  
    October 2008   August 2008    
    Sugababes - Catfights And Spotlights   Emilia de Poret - Pick Me Up  
    Sugababes have recorded the song "Unbreakable Heart" written by Klas Åhlund and Max Martin. I only knew this because I read it on our forum. Very nice.   As first mentioned on our forum! Swedish singer Emilia de Poret's latest single "Pick Me Up" is written by Arnthor Birgisson, Emilia de Poret and AJ Junior. This went straight to No.1 in Sweden! It will be released in Australia on 4 October 2008. Emilia worked with Jorgen Elofsson on her last album! Her new album will have songs by Arnthor, Savan and maybe Rami?  
    August 2008   June 2008    
    Pink - So What   Vanessa Hudgens - Identified  
    Also noted by the forum members, (they are always on the case), P!nk's new single "So What" is co-written by Max Martin! "So What" will be available in August and her new album is set to be released 28 October 2008. Great news!   As noted by our forum members ages ago (they know everything!), Max Martin has co-written 2 songs on Vanessa's second album: "Identified" and "Set It Off". Important!: "Set it Off" is only available on the Japanese version as a Bonus Track.  
    May 2008   May 2008    
    Cyndi Lauper - Bring Ya To The Brink Gavin DeGraw  
    As posted on my Guestbook by Birchmead (thank you): "Into the Nightlife" is a new song by Cyndi Lauper. It's written by Peer Åström, Johan Bobäck, Cyndi Lauper & Max Martin and produced by the first three. It's from her new album called "Bring Ya to the Brink". Excellent news! Martin from Sweden first let me know that Gavin's new album might include something from Max (thank you).  
    However, don't get too excited!! Max is only on Pre-Production on the song "In Love With A Girl".  
    But for completion purposes, you know you'll buy it.  
    May 2008   February 2008    
    Lesley Roy - I'm Gone I'm Going (single) Skye Sweetnam - Sound Soldier  

Finally, here is Lesley Roy's first single "I'm Gone I'm Going". At this point I can only see it as a download, hopefully a physical release is not far away! I saw an ad and it said "Produced by Max Martin" !

"Girl Like Me" is written by Max Martin, Lukasz Gottwald and Shelly Peiken. Important!: This is only as a bonus track on the Japan pressing of this album.  
    Jules from Germany informs me that according to itunes, "I'm Gone I'm Going" is *Shock* not written by Max Martin! Instead it is written by ex-Cheiron songwriter Alexander Kronlund (yay!) and Lesley Roy/ J Shuster. Thanks Jules. Site:  
    30 June 08 Update: I received a copy of Lesley's single and the credits read: L. Roy/ M. Martin/ J. Shuster/ A. Kronlund. Produced by Max Martin. What's up with itunes?    
    Lesley's debut album "Unbeautiful' is out in 2008    
    May 2008   April 2008    
    Carolina Liar - Coming To Terms   Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (new single)    
    Also first noticed by our forum members and by Jules from Germany, Carolina Liar have also recorded some songs with Max Martin! As first noticed on our forum and also by Jules from Germany, Katy Perry has recorded a couple of songs by Max Martin! as per Katy's myspace:  


"I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry, Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Cathy Dennis  
    "Last Night" by Tobias Karlsson, Martin Sandberg, Chad Wolfinbarger  
    "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry; Dr. Luke; Max Martin  
    "Done Stealin" by Per Aldeheim, Tobias Karlsson, Martin Sandberg and Chad Wolfinbarger. Also on ASCAP, there is a song co-written by Andreas Carlsson!  
    "Wakin Up In Vegas" - Andreas Carlsson, Desmond Child, Katy Perry  
    "Beautiful World" by Max Martin, Tobias Karlsson, Chad Wolf  
      Thanks Jules for letting me know that one!    
    Their album is out May 20, 2008! Let's hope it makes the album!  
    Link: Link:  
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