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CNN - February 9. 2005
Link: It's All About The Raw Material
ASCAP - European Honors 2006 ASCAP honors writers & publishers of the Swedish and Norwegian performing rights societies
Time Feeling Like a Number One. 21 December 2001.
scanned in copy Link: Feeling Like a Number One
  Article includes Herbie Crichlow, Anders Bagge and Arnthor Birgisson
This has nothing to do with Max Martin but is about the Norwegian songwriting team Stargate, who are Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen who have written songs for Rihanna and Samantha Mumba. I found it interesting.
Reuters - Norwegian production duo breaks big in U.S. By Gail Mitchell. October 30 2006
Link: Norwegian production duo breaks big in U.S.
Scanned copy in: Norwegian production duo breaks big in U.S.
5 Interview with UK producer Steve Mac, who has worked a lot with Westlife.
6 Interview with Bernard Lohr, engineer who has worked on Backstreet Boys albums etc