Home Max Martin has co-written 4 fantastic songs for Celine. "That's The Way It" is was a massive hit for Celine and was played on the radio almost everyday (seems like it anyway!). We're talking Adult Contemporary!
  Max Martin
  Shellback Though Celine's voice is amazing, I have to admit I was not a fan of Celine Dion until I heard "That's The Way It Is" and of course the 3 songs on One Heart!
  Rami Yacoub ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  Arnthor Birgisson Official Website www.celinedion.com  
  Lukasz Gottwald ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  Songwriters Album  
  Articles One Heart  
  Awards Released 25 March 2003
  Cover Songs    
  Lyrics Love Is All We Need Max Martin/Rami
  News 2009 Faith Max Martin/Rami
  News 2008 It's In His Touch Max Martin/Rami
  News 2007, 2006    
  Your Top 5    
1 3T    
2 Ace of Base    
3 Adam Lambert    
4 Agnes Carlsson    
5 A-ha    
6 Allison Iraheta These 3 songs are a different sound to usual Max Martin and Rami. Love Is All We Need is a darker song, Faith is quite poppy and It's In His Touch is a beautiful ballad. My favourite is definitely Faith.
7 Amy Diamond
8 Ana Johnsson Tracks:
9 Apocalyptica 1. I Drove All Night Billy Steinberg/Tom Kelly. Produced by Peer Astrom for Murlyn Music and Vito Luprano
10 Army of Lovers
11 Artister of Amnesty 2. Love Is all We Need Max Martin/Rami. Produced by Max Martin and Rami at Maratone Studios
12 Ashley Parker Angel 3. Faith Max Martin/Rami. Produced by Max Martin and Rami at Maratone Studios
13 Avril Lavigne 4. In His Touch Max Martin/Rami. Produced by Max Martin and Rami at Maratone Studios
14 Backstreet Boys 5. One Heart John Shanks/Kara Dioguardi. Produced by John Shanks and Kara Dioguardi
15 BC Jean 6. Stand By Your Side Paul Barry/Mark Taylor. Produced by Mark Taylor and Humberto Gatica for Brian Rawling Productions/Hum Inc.
16 Bo Bice
17 Bon Jovi 7. Naked Anders Bagge/Peer Astrom/Troy Verges. Produced by Anders 'Bag' Bagge, Peer Astrom for Murlyn Music AB and Vito Luprano
18 Britney Spears
19 Bryan Adams 8. Sorry For Love (2003 Version) Kara Dioguardi/Anders Bagge/Peer Astrom/Arnthor Birgisson. Produced by Anders 'Bag' Bagge, Peer Astrom and Arnthor for Murlyn Music AB
20 Bullet For My Valentine
21 Carly Rae Jepsen 9. Have You Ever Been In Love

Anders Bagge/Peer Astrom/Thomas Nichols/Daryl Halle, Laila Bagge. Produced Anders 'Bag' Bagge, Peer Astrom

22 Carolina Liar
23 Carrie Underwood 10. Reveal Cathy Dennis/Greg Wells. Produced by Ric Wake for W & R Group
24 Celine Dion 11. Coulda Woulda Shoulda Kristian Lundin/Andreas Carlsson. Produced by Kristian Lundin for The Location
25 Cervello  
26 Cher Lloyd 12. Forget Me Not Guy Roche/Shelly Peiken. Produced by Guy Roche
27 Christina Aguilera 13. I Know What Love Is Ric Wake/Arnie Roman. Produced by Ric Wake for W & R Group
28 Cyndi Lauper 14. Je T'aime Encore Jean-Jacques Goldman/J.Kapler. Produced by Erick Benzi
29 Darin ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
30 Daughtry  
31 Dede All the Way... A Decade of Song
32 Def Leppard Released 18 Nov 1999
33 Drain    
34 Draxx That's The Way It Is Max Martin/Kristian Lundin/Andreas Carlsson
35 E-Type Produced by Max Martin & Kristian Lundin for Cheiron
36 Emblem3    
37 Enrique Iglesias    
38 Fireal    
39 Five    
40 Gary Barlow    
41 George    
42 Glee    
43 Herbie    
44 Human Nature    
45 Its Alive    
46 James Blunt This is a mix of greatest hits and new songs including the hit song That's The Way It Is!
47 Jessica I also secretly love the song "It's All Coming Back to Me Now"! Interestingly Marion Raven has recorded this song with Meatloaf on his latest album Bat out of Hell III.
48 Jessie J
49 Justin Bieber ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
50 Kahsay Single  
51 Katy Perry That's The Way It Is  
52 Kelis Released 7 December 1999
53 Kelly Clarkson    
54 Kesha Tracks:  
55 Lambretta 1. That's The Way It Is
56 Leila K 2. I Met An Angel (On Christmas Day)
57 Lesley Roy 3. My Heart Will Go On (Live)
58 Leona Lewis    
59 Linda Sundblad    
60 Living Things    
61 Marie Serneholt    
62 Marion Raven    
63 Maroon 5    
64 Megan McCauley    
65 Michael Bolton    
66 Michele ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
67 Miranda Cosgrove Single  
68 Nick Carter That's The Way It Is  
69 Nicki Minaj Released 1999
70 NSync    
71 Pain Tracks:  
72 Papa Dee 1. That's The Way It Is  
73 Pink 2. That's The Way It Is (The Metro Club Remix). Remix and additional production by Mark Taylor & Brian Rawling for METRO/Rive Droite Music Productions. Recorded and Mixed @ Dreamhouse Studios, London
74 Pitbull  
75 Play  
76 Prime Sth 3. Another Year Has Gone By Written by Bryan Adams, Eliot Kennedy
77 Rednex   Produced by Bryan Adams
78 Robyn    
79 Safe    
80 Shayne Ward    
81 Simple Plan  
82 Skye Sweetnam    
83 Solid Harmonie ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
84 Stanfour      
85 Sugababes      
86 Taio Cruz      
87 Taylor Swift      
88 Tobias Regner      
89 Twill      
90 The Veronicas      
91 Those Dancing Days      
92 Usher      
93 Vanessa Hudgens      
94 Westlife      
95 will.i.am